The Media and Cultural Studies Program has an alumni association named KATABUMI. KATABUMI was formed during the National Seminar and Alumni Gathering of the Cultural and Media Studies Program on 24 October 2015.

KATABUMI is supported by the SK Caretaker Direktur Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM, No: 39/H1.SPs/SK/KM/2016. KATABUMI also has a structural organization, collaborates with KAPASGAMA, also develops networks with various other programs at the Graduate School and other agencies outside Gadjah Mada University.

Alumni Activities

Seminar Nasional Media Baru: Budaya, Politik, & Agama (2019)

Organizational Meeting of KATABUMI

Alumni Contributions

Educational Field

The participation of alumni in the educational field is includes being involved in improving the lecturing and learning process through providing input and suggestions. Some of the suggestions are updating lecture topics, methods of delivering the material, as well as evaluating lectures related to lecturers and students.

On various occasions, alumni can also be involved in discussion activities as responders of discussions, responders in pre-thesis seminars, speakers in discussions, the panel in lectures, etc.

Alumni can contribute as research partners for the academic community of the Media and Cultural Studies program. Alumni can conduct joint research with fellow alumni, students, and lecturers. Alumni also have the opportunity to publish books with the Media and Cultural Studies Program.

Community Dedication
Alumni can contribute to community dedication programs facilitated by the Media and Cultural Studies Program. Alumni can also propose, plan, and execute the community dedication program with the Media and Cultural Studies Program or other forms of support into the program.